Our Technology

Just like most great ideas, it started with a need. In 1996 we realized that there are many inconveniences associated with bottled water; such as, lifting, pouring and storing of heavy 5 gallon water bottles. Soon after, we came to the realization that, more than just an inconvenience, bottled water is an environmental nightmare and a national disgrace.

Now is the time to do your part in Going Green by simply calling on Streamline Water to assist you in replacing that antiquated drinking water system.

Water Filtration Technology

Streamline Water has been providing businesses with the best water purification coolers since 1996. You can be assured that any one of our water purification coolers & ice makers that we install in your businesses use the latest purification technologies and are UL approved and have been certified by third party testing labs to maintain the highest quality of water. NSF Ratings, WQA Seals, UL Approvals and excellent service are all part of our guarantee that you are drinking quality water. All of the systems at Streamline Water utilize “In Tank Sanitization” to destroy and prevent bacteria growth, and keep the water tasting its freshest 100% of the time.

How to choose a water vendor – don’t they all have the “same thing?”

Water Cooler for Office EmployeesIt’s not like saving a few dollars on a box of pencils…it’s for consumption. We believe that if you pay for water, be 100% sure that it’s pure. With many water options available you should do some research before you settle on price as the motivating factor. Equipment Certifications, Proper Sizing and Responsible Ongoing Service are the most important things to consider. Going with a cheap cooler that “does the same thing” may end up costing more in the long run. Most of the low-cost filter coolers in the market today are nothing but a bottled water cooler with a float added to the tank and a filter or RO system attached to remove some of the contaminants in the water; but these system don’t protect against bacteria, viruses, and parasites in the storage tank? Slime/Biofilm is a serious problem that isn’t addressed by systems without in-tank disinfection. Find out more about slime/biofilm at www.biofilm.org.

It is a fact that most companies rank drinking water at the bottom of their priority list. Is it because its just not that important or is it because they are confident that their water is just that good they don’t have to worry about it? Let us help you pick a system that fits your needs so you can run your business and not worry about the small stuff.